Thursday, January 15, 2009

Awe (some) Days

I was thinking that i would read a lot of Stephen King and try to figure out the whole time travel thing, but instead i just went ahead and turned 27. (yuck...)

But despite my reluctance to age, i did have a most excellent day. Thanks is a big part to wonderful friends and family! The Saturday before my birthday, Blair took me to Red Lobster (thanks to Molly! :) ) and Singing in the Rain at St. George Musical theater. Katie did a phenomenal job in the play!! And so hot. Wow.
The night before my birthday, my sweet mom-in-law Maureen came over to watch the girls and tidied up the house. Coming home to a clean house was honestly the best birthday present EVER!!! She is the greatest.
Then on the morning of my birthday i had a nice Blair-prepared breakfast, and a surprise visit from Katie, Hazel, Luxie, and Kevin's sister Megan! It was SO nice!! Elliot and Astoria gave me plenty of birthday hugs and kisses, and i had some absolutely divine strawberry pineapple cake at work courtesy of my friend Clare.
In the evening my friends Trent, Brittni, and Landon came to visit and we had some fajitas, I also made some spanish rice, but it was gross.
Yeah, it turns out i'm not THAT good of a cook. I've been decieving myself all this time. I need some lessons. is usually never wrong though. I should just stick to that.

In other not so awesome news, Elliot is having kind of a rough week. She had an accident while playing with her uncles that ended in her somehow landing on her head, and has had a sore neck for the past few days. We're hoping we can once again take advantage of the fact that Blair coaches 3 or 4 kids who have doctors for dads and make sure she is ok. She is still in pretty good spirits, and we're pretty sure it's nothing too serious.

Also, sorry that i'm so bad at not posting pictures here, I post at work alot and i always forget to bring the USB cord for my camera. But above is one of Aubs, Katie and I. Isn't Katie smokin' in that blonde 'do?

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  1. Hurray for a happy 27th!!! I think nobody commented yet because they're zapped from my smokin' hotness. I know I am.


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