Monday, January 19, 2009

Drama Drama

I am in some serious need of advice.
The basic question is i guess: How can i not suck as a parent?
More specifically, my precious little two year old has done nothing but fuss for about a week. She is queen sassy-pants and says some things to me that are rather shocking. For example:

Elliot dumps all her markers out on the carpet.
"Elliot can you pick up your markers please?"
"NO! Mommy, you do it!"
"Mommy didn't make that mess, honey, can you pick them up please?"
"Mommy! Clean it up!"
"Honey, if you can't pick up your mess, the toy monster is going to come and take your markers away. Can you please pick them up?"
"NO! (screaming fit, followed by a bump on the head from tripping over her feet in the midst of tantrum.)"
The toy monster took the markers away.
Something similar seems to happen every couple hours or so when i'm home with her.

Really. what on earth am I doing wrong?!?

And then there's the food issue. I know a million other parents have gone through this same thing but i'm getting concerned about Elliot's diet. Or lack thereof. She hardly eats, and hardly ever eats what I make for dinner. I know it's probably my fault because i'll give her peanut butter sandwiches because i don't want her to starve, and she snacks on way too many unhealthy things. I'm trying to move away from that, and i haven't bought fruit snacks in about a month, but still...
I don't know. i'm just frustrated with myself right now. Boo.


  1. I have no idea what that means, but i'm sure it's effective.

  2. Yeah, we talked about the food thing for a minute. I've decided to stop fighting so much with Quinn about it because I would rather him eat (because he's so shrimpy) than fight with him to eat what we're eating. His dr. said to just try to make sure that when he does eat that it's something that counts. Not jello. Not candy. He'll always eat green beans, so I always have grean beans ready. He'll always eat spaghetti so I always have a jar of sauce and noodles in the fridge. And I buy the Ragu that's loaded with veggies. Cheese sticks, berries, wheat thins (wal-mart brand), eggs, pancakes (loaded with wheat flour and whole oats and covered in butter), bananas or apples with peanut butter, mandarin oranges, tuna melts... I also put carnation instant breakfast in his milk to help pack on the calories. If she's going to snack just try to make it a high calorie/somewhat healthy snack, not a sugary one. And not a ton of juice. That'll make them feel full and not want to eat. And I usually try to get Quinn to try at least a bite of what we're having. A lot of times he screams and cries and once it's in his mouth he realizes he likes it. Nerd. But if he hates it I don't make him eat anymore.

    Now the tantrum thing... No idea. When Quinn makes a mess I'll say, "Okay, now it's time to clean up!" and I'll sing the little clean up song and show him how to help and he usually starts helping. I just read a thing about not giving them the chance to say no. Like don't say "Can you clean up your markers now?" but say "Clean up your markers." That way they don't think they have the option to say no. I've seen it help sometimes, but sometimes he just pretends to not understand English. I think if she understands the concept of the toy monster and it upsets her, keep it up. The punishment in our house is standing in the corner. Sometimes it upsets him (which is awesome) and sometimes he just stands there and sings till I tell him he can come out.
    I've also heard that around their half birthdays they really struggle. So she'd be there right now. Keep being firm on things. Not mean, just firm.
    And trust me, we all suck as parents. Every day.

  3. Mary! I'm so proud of myself that I found your blog. :) I remembered. It was great to visit with you the other day. Thanks for letting us come over. Your little girls are great and you are such a great mom. Anna has little fits too.. I think it is just their age. :)

  4. She's such a precious. Don't worry - It's just a phase. It will be over soon. It's just a phase. It will be over soon. It's just a............PHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE AND I'M WAITING FOR IT TO BE OVER SOON YEEEEEEAH UUUUHHHHUUUUH!!!

  5. Nothing like a little Incubus to make my day.

  6. Thank Goodness it's just a phase- Just a Phase- Just a phase!!!!! And if it wasn't I would have an only child!! Madison was a doozy! I am having very similar problems with Lily now but since she can't talk much yet it's just a bunch of frustrated jibberish instead of a tantrum with actual words...


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