Wednesday, May 18, 2011

If you're listening, Woooah-Ooohhh-Ooohhaohhh

On Saturday, the Coach was all sorts of grumbly and upset because he found out one of his favorite bands was playing in Vegas, and he was stuck at work.

A convienently-timed message from our dear friend Trent informed us that Jimmy Eat World would be playing the next night in SLC.

Oh! I have family there!

So within hours we were able to arrange for my sweet family to watch the little girls, and the Coach was able to get work off (he was originally scheduled to work a double).

At this point, I started to panic just a little. Everything was taken care of, except of course for the tickets. We could no longer buy them online, it being so close to concert time.

Now I need to explain something to you about the coach. He is a super hero. But let me illustrate this:

Superman is to Bruce Willis' character in Unbreakable


The technopath kid from Heroes is to The Coach.

Make sense? (If you managed to understand it through all that geekery, I applaud you.)

Anyway, he starts sending tweets to the opening band, Kinch (who is supremely wonderful, by the way) and somehow got the two of us put on the guest list.

What could be better?

Well, realizing that a former boyfriend of mine works at the venue and, since I'm apparently on amazing terms with him (?), he walked us up to the front of the line guaranteeing us our choice of spots (which is upstairs, front row. Perfect view of the stage, none of the squashysweatymoshyunpleasantness )

We enjoyed Jimmy Eat World immensely.

I've said before how ridiculous it is trying to tell anyone your personal feelings on music. It just doesn't work. it ends up sounding lame. So use your imagination. It was like that.

Last of all, I ended up encountering not one, but THREE guys I used to date that night. (it's bound to happen when you are as involved in the concert scene as I once was). Weird, but dang I made a good spouse choice. A REALLY good choice.

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