Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ten things for today

I am at best an indifferent blogger. In fact i'm rather indifferent about quite a lot of things. Cleaning my house, brushing my teeth (and my kids teeth for that matter), making my student loan payment... you get the idea. I really am trying to get better at these things, really I am! Sometimes it's a little misplaced though, for example at any given time my hall bathroom is the cleanest room in the house. No joke, i'll spend a good hour with a bottle of bleach getting my tub and toilet all sparkly and germ-free - but i won't take the 15 minutes required to sweep and mop my kitchen floor, which looks seriously disgusting. Sigh...

ANYway... my point in posting was to just simply list ten little things. Either things i've been thinking about, or things that make me happy, or things that may inspire me to write more. Maybe I can do this on a semi-regular basis? Well... i'm not making any promises.

1. Feta cheese is absolutely delightful.

2. Elliot ate THREE of those little cuties oranges yesterday. I felt like throwing a party.

3. I took a the 2 liter bottle of Sprite to work today, because if it was left at home, it would inevitably be flat by the time I got home because for some reason Blair doesn't like fizzy soda (?!?) but then I felt incredibly guilty and selfish.

4. I love it when people at work have birthdays. "hope it's chocolate for me..."

5. Jim Gaffigan is a hero. Truly.

6. Today is Blair's first basketball game as a head coach. I hope he wins, but more than that, i hope he doesn't give himself an ulcer. I also hope he remembers to iron his shirt... then again if i was a decent wife, I would have ironed it for him... someday i'll get a hang of this wife thing - again, feeling guilty and selfish. Also feeling really REALLY bad for not being there. Should I drive all the way out to Milford? This baby won't come tonight.. right?

7. Remember when me, Marissa, Steph, and Katrina were the Four? I miss those days.

8. The light blue Orbit gum, is the best kind of gum.

9. Right now I have my at work iTunes set to play all the songs in my library in song title alphabetical order. If I let it play straight through, it would take 3.6 days. Currently i'm on "All is Full of Love" by Bjork.

10. I've had a couple contractions today. Finally.

Also, I think baby girl number three has a name. And it's a really good one.


  1. wait, wait.... let me guess... it's katie. ok, maybe not. it's not that great of a name. but the sprite thing made me laugh outloud. and congrats on the 3 cuties in one day. max eats that many in about an hour. I have the opposite worries for that kid. I'm thinking too many oranges could be dangerous for a kid under 2. and citrus combined with breastmilk? I'm imagining it curdling in his belly. I sure hope not.

  2. Don't feel guilty about the soda. I do this all the time. When I lived at home my mom NEVER put soda in the fridge. She liked it at room temp. I'd sneak them into the fridge all the time so it would get cold


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