Friday, September 28, 2012

The Big WYO

Hello, I'm a resident of Wyoming!

But seriously, it's like a conspiracy. We all want you to believe that Wyoming is super lame, so we can keep all its awesomeness to ourselves. I'm a self proclaimed WYO-hipster (it's totally a thing).

We're settled in to our new routines (oh? the coach is gone/busy all the time? how shocking and also unexpected.), and getting used to the town. Elliot is loving her school, and I am loving the feeling of finally having a child in school all day. Stori, Rou, and I are also loving that we live just two streets away from the library and that they offer story time three mornings a week. It's also weird to me how much I'm loving mornings here. I blame it mostly on Elliot being in first grade, but by the time I have her off to school, the day is still all laid out ahead of me and best of all I let the other two kids sleep in. I'm a stellar parent, I know. And so I spend my mornings right here:

My absolute favorite spot in our new house. I'm aware that sitting on the countertops is generally frowned upon in most houses, but this is just the most perfect place to enjoy a cuppa, a little music, and lovely natural sunlight on book pages. Blissful.

Home ownership is weird. This is our first house that is really and truly ours, and it's funny to me how excited I am getting about things I never thought twice about before. Curtains! Paint schemes! Cabinet hardware! Garden tools! It's life-changing. Even the dumb things, (like sweeping the stupid Russian Olive leaves from our neighbor's tree) seem fulfilling. It's an older house, so there is a lot of work that can be done (no ceiling light in the bedrooms? Seriously you guys?) But it's nothing we can't handle, and I'm stupidly excited about the work.

Other things I'm all about:

  • The crazyawesome thunderstorms 
  • The best, most non-judgemental, friendly, welcoming, diverse, helpful, SO not like my old ward, absolutely-perfectly-suited-for-me ward on the planet
  • Living one block from the church building
  • Cowboy Donuts (seriously. you guys.)
  • Trees in my yard
  • No fines for overdue items at the library (yes.)

Summation: I like it here.


  1. I get the whole sitting-on-the-counters thing. Zach and I have had some of our best convos up on the counters.

    Your life seems dreamy right now. That makes me happy.

  2. Almost thou persuadest me to move to Wyoming;) and I miss owning my own home.

  3. It looks gorgeous! I am glad you are all happy up there! Love and miss you!

  4. I LOVE YOUR VIEW!!! Paul has told me for many many years that if our "own a used bookstore on the coast of Maine" thing doesn't work out, he wants to move to Wyoming because, as he says, "we could buy 100 acres for like 12 dollars." Or, you know, at least own a little piece of beautiful land. And have some chickens. You should totally get chickens.

  5. my kids practically live on the counter tops, so i gotcha.

    i'm glad you like it there so much! it sounds so fun/not fun to have a house of your own.

    and i loved your comments on my obnoxious blog post. i pretty much think we would have been bosom buddies if we had ever been roommates or the like. we could have snubbed everyone else over their taste in music.

  6. That's it, I'm moving to Wyoming! (But seriously, no library fees!? What kind of heaven is this place?)


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