Thursday, April 12, 2012

Elliot will be home any minute.

Phone to blog post number two is a go!

1. So, the Blogger app isn't very fancy. One might even call it lame. I can only post pictures at the bottom? That's dumb. Nevertheless, I shall soldier on.

2. I discovered the Instagram. I'm pozeur, by the way. We should be Instagram friends.

3. Big News. Tonight I am going out. With grown up girls. Grown up girls with whom I have been acquainted for less than twenty years. WITHOUT CHILDREN. I have actually never done this before. I feel like I'm 16 years old and going on a date.

4. Word of advice: Do not buy U brand liners (the black box ones) unless you love rubbing your skin on cactus.  Then, by all means, go ahead.

5. I feel like a Hipster saying this, but I've loved Nate from the band fun. way before they were ever even popular. If you have never listened to The Format, just go do it. You'll be glad you did.

6. Rou has fallen in love with Angry Birds (Anry Birss) hardcore. Some wise guy Easter bunny honestly didn't foresee that a stuffed red bird toy would be used for nothing but hurling destruction at everything in the house (family members included). Nice going Easter bunny.

7. Yes. I was the nearsighted Easter bunny. What of it?

8. Blueberries cannot come in season fast enough.


  1. I'm jealous about #2 because I feel like I could be the champion of Instagram. Alas, I am still cellphoneless. It's ok. And know that I won't judge you if you post a bazillion pictures a day. I love seeing them.

    I'm excited for you about #3. Going out with friends is wonderful. Even when you haven't known them forever. I know the feeling. And I'm grateful to say that I actually have some true friends here in good old Salina. But I still wish we were going out together. ;)

    #4 made me laugh. "then, by all means..." good one.

    I'm feeling robbed of #5, but it's ok because you've loved him much longer than me. ps - I bought myself a fun. t-shirt yesterday. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. thank you for being the angel that introduced me to nate.

    I'm nursing ollie now so.... later. ;)

  2. Yay for more posts! #6 (and #7) made me laugh. I kind of want a stuffed Angy Birds toy, but I don't really know why. I'm totally with you on the blueberries. Yum!

  3. I'm still looking forward to 9 & 10. Thanks for 1, number 1.


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