Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lovely Summers make for Lousy Blogging

At least, in my case it does.

It is humid and warm today. A true rarity in these arid parts. It is lovely.

My Elliot will be FIVE on Friday. She wants a backpack she can take to kindergarten, and a Harry Potter cake. She is trying to plan a surprise party for herself (that kid.) And she wants me to invite her "boyfriend" Zach. He is 18 and was a senior on Blair's basketball team last year. She's already told me she's going to marry him when she grows up. (sigh... that kid.)

We spent our Independence Day in Parowan, where Blair and his incredible assistant Roy hosted a 3-on-3 basketball tournament. It was a more of a success than we'd even hoped for. But let it be a reminder for next year: Shoes should probably be a requirement. Just sayin'.


  1. We are looking forward to seeing Elliot this weekend. You may need to tell her and her aunt about the advantages of not having a steady "boyfriend". Although, coming from a parent that not an easy lesson - unless your under 8.

  2. i once ate a whole bag of tostitos hint of lime by myself and got sick and threw them up.

    but that didn't stop me from continuing to try to eat a whole bag by myself many times since then. they are pretty much the best thing ever.

  3. Happy birthday Elliot! She's so little and cute.
    Also, i would just like to say that your family pictures are AWESOME. So adorable, I love them. You have the cutest family, your pictures made me happy.


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