Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Firebolt Envy

Yes. I am one of those weirdoes that dresses up for the Harry Potter premiere. However, this was actually the first one I dressed up for. Why, I had the perfect Dolores Umbridge style pink tweed suit in my closet, and this might be the last opportunity I'd have to wear it.

But i'm glad I did.

Because this lady won the costume contest.

But how I beat out an 8-year old Voldemort who shaved his eyebrows for this is a total mystery to me.

I suspect my muggle-born husband (who is likely a wizard in disguise) was casting imperius curses or something.

It was a wonderful, magical evening.


  1. Awesome! Awesome! You are so cool!

  2. I hate Umbridge more than any other character in the series. Excellent costume.

  3. Oh she is completely horrible. One of the absolute best written villains I've ever read.

  4. Gah! I just saw your comment. And my email is sayheytok@live.com.

    May I say again, this rules. Umbridge scares me a zillion times more than moldy old Voldemort. Maybe because I went to community college and therefore know such a woman could exist.


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