Monday, June 21, 2010

add this to the collection

Meet the newest member of our little reading society:

(Incidentally, her blog is delightful. I read with pleasure.)

So, how is everyone doing on their summer reading lists? I expect updates you know, printed updates with full color charts, a detailed analysis on each book, multimedia presentations... you know that sort of thing.


but I really would love to hear how everyone is doing

I'm totally killing my list. I'm like 15 books ahead of schedule. Ok, not really. I for the life of me cannot finish The Mysterious Benedict Society. Yes I realize that it's a book for 5th graders, but let's remember that most 5th graders to not have jobs, spouse and kids, and a kick-ass Zumba class to teach every week. (please come to my Zumba class?) As always you can track my progress (and Blair's as well) here. I'm also thinking that I need to be a bit more diligent about posting reviews of these books on my goodreads page.

Also, Happy Falker Satherhood to my dearest Blair, and my fantzastic Dad. I would estimate that a good 63% of my awesomeness can be attributed to these two fellows. I love you guys.

One last thing. Go see Toy Story 3.

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  1. So far, I've been through three of my summer books. And its officially the first day of summer.

    So far so good.


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