Monday, November 9, 2009

This is the longest day of work ever.

Sometimes... you are 8 months pregnant and the only thing in the world that will make you happy is a delicious milkshake and some hot, and crispy, and golden, and delicious french fries.

So naturally, you sneak out of work and drive to the Iceberg... only to find that it is now closed. Never mind that the last time you went there was about 7 years ago when you were dating that kid who gave you a VCR and looked like Kenny Vasoli from The Starting Line.

Boo. I want my milkshake.

Also, remember how that guy from the movie Orange County was also Egon in Ghostbusters? "that is neat."


  1. Hey! Thank you for the book recommendation- I will check that out. So funny that you commented on my blog because I wanted to talk to you at book club but you were talking to someone else. :D I wanted to ask you how you liked Dracula and if that is one that I should pick up and read.

    Oh yeah- everyone needs a good milkshake once in a while. Hmmm- now I think I'm craving one!

  2. What about Wendys? They have milkshakes and fries.

    Wait... do they even have a Wendys in Cedar? Make Blair drive to beaver. ha ha!

  3. Wendy's fries = disgusting. Though i'd never turn down a delicious frosty. Mmmmmm... Right now i've got some Ben & Jerry's raspberry Peach Cobbler ice cream in the freezer that needs me to eat it.

  4. Um. LOVE Orange County, and that is the best line in the whole film.


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