Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Comeback Kid


1. I said fare-thee-well to my twenties last month. We had some lively times. Including: working at Disney World, starting a band, going to concerts, meeting a super-neat guy, marrying that guy, having some babies, graduating from college with honors, making some quilts, teaching some Zumba, writing some really boring things, and other stuff. On to the next adventure! I was ever-so blessed to be able to spend my birthday weekend with my beloved friend Katie doing all the things that I love. Reading, eating ethnic food, hanging out in little breakfast cafes, watching UK period dramas, jumping on hotel room beds. It was marvelous. Oh, also, neither of us thought to bring a camera, which is ironic, since she is a professional photographer. Nice.

2. Elliot has a sweet little friend who carpools with us to Kindergarten. He can never quite remember Astoria's name, and has started calling her "Australia". Awesome. I like that kid.

3. Did you know that my two-year old has figured out how to open all the doors in the house, and completely disable those little child-proof doorknob covers?  I cannot tell you how many times a day I scream into a pillow. It is a lot. While it is true that children are wonderful and full of sweet and hilarious things, they are also little turds. All of them.

4. I am collecting songs that involve hand claps. If there are any you know and love, leave it in the comments. Some I've collected so far: Photograph - Weezer, 1234 - Feist, Close to Me - Get Up Kids (The Cure Cover), The First Single - The Format. But I need more than this, or my bathroom just isn't going to get clean. That's a fact.

5. So, like any mom, I love bragging about my kids. Love it. And it's totally easy, because my kids are geniuses (they get it from their mom, of course). So the fact that my youngest is now visiting a speech therapist is, well, a different experience. Part of me wants to hold on to her adorable "deedle dees" as long as I possibly can, but when it comes to trying to decipher what she wants when she's furiously pointing in a vague direction screaming "deedle panna!!!!" (No. I have no idea either.) It's more than obvious that she needs a little guidance from someone who knows about these sorts of things.

6. Downton Abbey. Yes yes yes yes yes.

7. Did you know that both songs nominated for Best Song at the Oscars are in some way directly connected to Flight of the Conchords?

8. This song. A million times.


  1. happy belated! glad you're back!

    that muppets song is the best. i use it to help my kids brush their teeth. remember in the movie when they're brushing their teeth and walter's teeth are huge? my kids love that and like to pretend they're doing it.

    i'll think about hand clap songs...

  2. i love a good blog post of random thoughts! they're my favorite. and yes, downton abbey. yes.

    and i don't use spotify. my friend just BARELY explained to me what it is! i had no idea! i know i need to jump on it, but i don't have a computer at home all day from which to stream music... so...

    but it does sound amazing.

  3. Your twenties sound wonderful and exciting. I should add some of that to mine. Australia is a pretty sweet name, but so is Astoria. LOVE Downton Abbey.

    "Rio" by Hey Marseilles. "Brighter Than the Sun" by Colbie Caillat. Florence + the Machine "Dog Days Are Over" and others. "5 Years Time" by Noah and the Whale. "Sweet Darlin'" by She & Him. "Rumour Has It" by Adele.

  4. Love that Muppet Song! I am trying to learn it on the ukulele. A good clapping song via Katie Cowan- "It's Time" by the Imagine Dragons.


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