Sunday, December 18, 2011

December-y Things

Why do people like me even have blogs anymore? Post-shmost.

1. We are doing an advent calendar "for the first time in a hundred years" (thanks, Elliot). Inspiration came from Katie, who did some awesome things last year. Like a face paint day.

Most of our activities have been pretty simple; making paper snowflakes, hot chocolate, take cookies to a friend, write a Merry Christmas letter to grandma, those kinds of things. The best one so far was having the girls dress up in tutus and dance to the Nutcracker. Hilarious. AND Tomorrow we are going to Krave (sweeeeeeet.)

2. I finally got new shoes for my Zumba classes, but it may have come a little too late. Can I get a knee transplant? Is that a thing?

3. Rou has decided she hates her bed, which is SUPER-AWESOME for everyone as I'm sure you can imagine.

4. Rou also has a little meeting with early intervention the first week of the new year to have her hearing checked. As adorable as it is to hear "deedle-dee-shooo" every day, it'd be nice to have a few real words thrown in there too.

5. OH. Also, my little Ruby Soho turned two. Aaaaaand all the pictures were taken on Blair's phone, aaaaaaand he left his memory card at the school... which he will not be returning to till after the Christmas break. Of course.

6. It's getting to be that time of year where I'm in pretty desperate need of real-life friends. So if you are at all interested, there is a lengthy application and interview process. Included in the application is a 100 question quiz on ridiculous things like sci-fi television and movies, classical literature, and punk and emo bands of the 2000's. I'm just kidding. I just need someone to hang out with me and not mind that I have crazy children and no husband until March. That's all.

7. I firmly believe that my house would be a whole lot cleaner if Plants vs. Zombies didn't exist.

8. Lately I have been requesting that at least twice a day, Astoria sings me the "North Star" song from Peppa Pig. She does it in a little English accent, and it is the happiest thing in the world.

9. Hugo. Loved the book, loved the movie. Loved.

10. It is possible that I am just as excited as Elliot about her getting Lego Harry Potter years 5-7 for Christmas. Maybe even a little more (though I doubt it).

***11. Christmas is lovely, isn't it?

I love Celtic Woman at Christmas time.


  1. Nice voices, but I just really, REALLY want them to hold their arms straight at their sides? Is that too much to ask? Really? Also, I'd like to apply for the position of hang-out friend. Are you covering travel expenses, and do you have any allergies I should know about?

  2. HA! You're funny. I'm glad I've been immortalized on your blog with paint all over my face. At least I look skinny. That's impressive. So maybe this time next year I could be skinny again?
    I'm sorry that there are two hours between us. :(
    And I don't understand the messiness of this house, even though I'm here all day long. And I'm not even playing Plants Vs. Zombies. It tends to be Pinterest that keeps assures my lack of productivity.
    Isn't Christmas with Kids the best thing ever??? I'm so excited.

  3. we would totally be real-life friends if i didn't live in STUPID FLORIDA!

  4. I haven't done an advent calendar in about a hundred years either. I really want to see Hugo--glad to see you liked it. If we lived closer, I would love to be real-life friends what with our (fairly) mutual love of classics and science fiction.


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