Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Confessional

(Confession inspiration via Katie my darling)

1. I honestly believed in my heart that being home instead of at work would allow me to blog more often. Such is not the case. Sorry, Charlies.

2. I love TV shows, but hate hate hate TV. I would like to enjoy my Battlestar Galactica without commercials and on my own schedule, please. I would rather my kids enjoy Super Why and Backyardigans without all the other crap being shoved in their innocent little faces. Another thing about TV I can't stand. Freaking ESPN. In summation: The hard drive is filling up quickly, but basic cable has been cancelled. Thank the gods.

3. On the subject of TV, I'm not at all ashamed to admit that I am totally looking forward to the return of Community, Fringe, 30 Rock and Mad Men (in early 2012), and am excited to check out Alcatraz. See Katie? You're totally not alone.

4. I've been eating Greek Yogurt lately. I like the Greek Gods brand because it has the names of different Gods on each flavor. Hera = Fig, Poseidon = Plain, etc. But i'll admit it's ever so slightly bothersome that the pomegranite flavor is associated with Apollo. Persephone makes more sense, am I right?

5. Have I ever mentioned how much I like mythology? Well. I do.

6. Despite my love for mythology I'm having an incredibly difficult time getting through Neil Gaiman's American Gods. I'm aware of the fact that i'm an annoying prude. Whatever. You can judge, I don't care. World War Z didn't bother me in the slightest, though. What's that supposed to say about my personality I wonder.

7. I was going to post pictures of Elliot and Astoria on their first days of school, but my camera is in the kitchen.

8. Newest obsession: Salted Caramel anything.

9. Still on pace to complete 45 books by the end of the year, but still behind on my goal to finish the Einfeldt quilt for my in-law's by Christmas. Solution: more audio books.

10. I do not find Daniel Craig attractive in the slightest.


  1. daniel craig: i do but i don't.

    salted caramel: yes.

    also YES: about commercials aimed at children.

    you know, when you're home all day you just get pretty much nothing done except lunch and a load of laundry here and there. welcome to the life.

  2. Numbers 4 and 7 made me laugh out loud. Number 4 because I know nothing about Greek Mythology, but it makes me happy that you feel so passionately about yogurt and mythology combined.

    Number 7 because I can relate so whole heartedly.

    Zach would beg to differ about Daniel Craig.

    The last book I read was Water For Elephants. Months and months ago. Like, March? February? Nothing has been able to capture me so entirely since, so I have simply given up. Or maybe it's because I'm pregnant.

    Also - I'm sitting here with wet hair and I'm wearing a towel. Just thought you'd like to know. This is what I do between walking from the shower to the bedroom. That's priorities.

  3. I always tell my husband we could get rid of our TV. but there are those few shows I can't live without.

  4. Number 7 made me laugh out loud.
    Number 10: absurd.

  5. BSG is streaming on Netflix (if you have that service). I'm so sad 30 Rock is being pushed back to midseason (stupid pregnancy). Also, I need to finish season four of Mad Men. Persephone should totally be pomegranate. Sometimes while reading American Gods, I would get stuck. I love Neil, but I generally like his short stories and the Sandman better than his novels. Daniel Craig kind of looks like a monkey but is also kind of attractive.


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