Monday, August 29, 2011

The Best BFF

I'm pretty lucky when it comes to friends. Even more so to have a friend with whom I can share memories like these:
  • Playing Power Rangers on the trampoline causing one of us (me) to break an arm.
  • Making candlelight potions out of different kinds of soda in a walk-in closet (Candles lit in a closet. Brilliant idea.)
  • Going to a concert in Florida with every intention of making out with Incubus, but instead meeting a future husband (hers).
  • Panhandling with our guitars at gas stations.
  • Stuffing our bras with toilet paper and then going to a church activity.
  • Holding hands in bookstores, and ordering appetizers and desserts.
  • Performing a play we made up about Greek goddesses to impress the boys we met at the mall. (Totally worked too)
  • That one very foggy New Years...
 It also just so happens that my BFF is probably the most naturally talented at everything human person on the planet. Kinda makes you want to hate her, (which I've done) but then, she is forced to have a BFF who is an insufferable know-it-all who is so nerdy it's embarrassing. It all balances out.

This summer, my BFF (who, along with her husband, just happens to be a very amazing International Wedding Photographer) was sweet enough to take a few family pictures, pro bono. I like to think of it as friends with benefits, only the benefits are actually awesome. Here is just a little taste of her awesomeness.

Oh and did I also mention that she spent the summer in Paris and brought me back a beautiful scarf from Bordeaux? Like I said. Benefits.


  1. Mary. You are stunning. And i love your kids. And this makes me think that maybe I should get new pictures taken of Levi and I someday....someday.

  2. I was just thinking about you this morning, feeling that old familiar feeling of slowly losing touch with you again. Thanks so much for writing this, you made my day. I love you :)


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