Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What we do on Saturdays

When I was a little kid, I would ride my bike to the library. Which, when I think back on it is rather impressive considering it was about a mile from my house through the busiest part of town. Then again, back then it was a pretty small town.

I lived in the library like my husband lived in basketball gyms. I was a true library rat.

Upon moving to Southern Utah in 2003, One of my first orders of business was to get a library card. I was terribly disappointed when I walked in. It was not the clean, well lit place I was used to back home. Most books on the shelf looked like they had been donated as rejects from the goodwill in 1960.

Last year I decided to give it a second try. By this time a new library had been built near the park. Also by this time I had three impressionable young ones to wrestle with. The new library is spacious, full of windows, and the perfect place to chase around this little nutter.

Elliot's favorites are ones that get read in British accents
Rou pushed this stool around for a good 20 minutes

Wow. Astoria doing an ABC puzzle. How totally uncharacteristic.

We have been back nearly every week since then.


  1. Even with all it's dangers, there are few places better to introduce children to the world.


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