Monday, February 14, 2011

Tell your Mom, Tell your Dad. We were Super Rad.

Remember these guys?

Ahhhhh. the memories.

Ten things for today:

1. I have this little sister Laura. She is small, and very funny. Okay so actually she is taller than me, which I totally resent.But she is very funny, and awesome, and clever, and beautiful, and needs to come hang out with me post-haste.
(sorry it's a tiny picture)

2. You know what would be just stellar? If i could somehow put my smallest one to sleep without the use of boobs. Dear Rousseau, you are cute and I'm totes in love with the teeth in your happy little smile. This does not make it okay, however, for you to use said teethies to use your mamma as a chew-toy.

3. I know my dad reads this blog... He would probably be fine if he skipped this next one. I realize that no one cares/wants to hear this info. but it's a somewhat big deal to me and worth noting. 

I'm officially not pregnant. Why is this even a big deal, and why am I acting like a 12 year old? Probably because when the thing that reminds you you are not pregnant is absent for over 2 years, you kind of look forward to its return. There. Enough said.

4. I have never been good at Christmas cards. Which is why in the future, yearly mail correspondence from Team Einfeldt will be conducted on Valentine's day. Because let's face it, by Valentine's day I'm sick of this lousy winter confinement and ready to communicate with the outside world again. I'm on my way to the post office just after this post, in fact. So some of you may have something in ye olde mailbox soonish.

5. Everyone should have a friend named Katie. Especially friends name Katie who talk them OUT of spending 80 dollars on fabric, and encourage them to shop around a bit more. Guess what, Katie? I got what I needed for less than 20. Boo-freaking-yah.

6. By the way, I would post a link to Katie's blog so you can win her awesome scarf. But I want to win. So, you know, Fat Chance.

7. I found out that on of my absolute FAVORITE authors from my childhood passed away last week. Brian Jacques, the author of the Redwall series was incredibly creative and one of the greatest storytellers i've ever read. In his memory i'm going to read the first three books (maybe more) of the Redwall series this summer. Won't you join me?

8. My friend Chow has been talking about grammar pet peeves on her blog. I have one. I'm not nearly as hilarious or creative as Hyperbole and a Half, so if you want to read funny go there and read about the Alot. But anyway. Do people realize the difference between passed and past? Like someone writing something about waltzing passed a box of pencil shavings? No my friends. Just no. And Dear Utah girls - Just because you do not know how to pronounce the word "Sale" does not make it okay to tell me that you have some really cute bows "For Sell" just sayin'.

9. If you have tips on how to grow a blueberry bush (preferably indoors...) pass the info to me, would ya?

10. Last of all, May I present to you the UNDEFEATED REGION CHAMPION PAROWAN RAMS!!!!

Check out that handsome devil, He's-a mine!

And Elliot is in L O V E with Zack. 

Speaking of love, I am completely aware that it is now Valentine's day. So Yay Love!!! Now go eat some chocolate!


  1. Way to go on saving money. Glad I could be of service. (that's sounds dirty...)

    And I'm glad you mentioned the passed/past thing, because I think I need to study up on that one. Every time I go to write one of those I feel nervous and stupid. I'll do better. And the "sell" things drives me CRAZY.

  2. OMG. "sell" totally bugs me too. alot.

  3. don't say alot when its A LOT that bugs me!!

  4. Laura... Did you go read the "alot" post I linked to? You will pee. i'm not kidding. it's hilarious.

  5. Holy cow, the Hyperbole and a Half blog is AMAZING! Where have I been? I laughed my head off! Loved your post, as usual :)

  6. um, hello? the aquabats? a favorite. i saw them in 1999 at a roller skating rink in sandy, utah.
    now they're all over on yo gabba gabba...

    and i LOVED the redwall series. those were my favorites as a kid...

  7. ok, never heard of the redwall series. i know. going to go put them on hold at the library right away.

    "for sell." i can't believe people actually think that is the way to say it. you make me laugh.

  8. Mary, I like your 10 things ALOT;)


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