Saturday, March 28, 2009

sometimes, you just have to dance

I'm all alone in the office on a Saturday, and despite the fact that i still have a mountain of work to finish by Monday, i felt a compulsion to turn up my music and dance around the office. you should never ignore impulses like that.

Also, i'm thinking of trying to put together a Bollywood work-out and see if they'd let me teach it at the gym i go to. Honestly they don't even have to pay me. i just need to find an avenue to get myself moving again. But if you are in the southern utah area and would be interested in learning to shake some hips with me, please please let me know. I so want this to work out.

In other creative news, i've written 5,000 words this week. If that crazy girl from my adv. fiction class at SUU can get published, why shouldn't I be published... Of course in order to be published you actually have to write something. So i'm working on that now.

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