Monday, March 23, 2009

So So Excited

Well, I'm not going to the Sweet 16 games, which is too bad. Blair is still going, and he's taking Joel. Oh don't worry, i'm fine with not going, because i have something else to be super excited for this week. I'm going to see the Matches tomorrow night!!!!!

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Blair and I with Matt Whalen (drummer extraordinaire) at the last Matches concert. I was digging his Reading Rainbow shirt.

I will try to not run away with the band.

If you have not yet heard of this band (for shame) they are here:

AND, AND, AND, to make this awesomeness even more awesome, bff Katie-Aunt is coming with me. Words cannot describe how happy we are to get all that driving time to just talk without any little distractions. I will miss my girls and my Blair terribly of course, but sometimes it's very refreshing to just take a little break. Especially a break that includes The Matches and may or may not include delicious medeterranian cusine.

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