Tuesday, October 13, 2009

5 is a really big deal.

5 things i love about Blair:
1. he kept a really good secret for our anniversary date, which is a pretty tough thing for him to do.
2. he is the most perfect combination of freckles, eyes, and handsome.
3. he takes anything he is interested in very seriously. He doesn't just like LOST, basketball, and literature, he is consumed by it.
4. he doesn't laugh out loud often, but when he does it's absolutely magical
5. he tells me i look good, even when i'm 7 months pregnant

5 amazing things we got to do on our 5 year anniversary:
1. watch Thriller by Odyssey dance company
2. stay in a gorgeous room at the Anniversary Inn
3. eat some intensely delicious local cuisine
4. play in rose petals and waterfalls
5. watch our very adorable offspring play in a hay maze and pumpkin patch

5 happy moments we've had together:
1. the monsoon in AZ
2. ocean kayaking at Catalina
3. front row for Format, RXB, Straylight Run and Jack's (with a very pregnant belly)
4. NCAA tourney 2006
5. that one time when we watched Will Ferrel on Jay Leno doing the Goulet thing, and he laughed so hard he had tears

5 ways i know he'll be my sweetie for ever and eternity:
1. we still make CDs to listen to on long car drives and never get to hear them because we are too deep in conversation
2. he is an amazing, fun, and creative daddy
3. he always believes that i can do something amazing, even if i don't
4. he does P90X with me, and doesn't make fun of me when i wuss out on the pull-ups
5. he eats what i cook, even if we both know it's disgusting

5 adorable things you should know about Blair:
1. he loves Glee, Annie, Moulin Rouge, Little Shop of Horrors, and a host of other musicals.
2. if he really likes something at a restaurant, he'll try to find a copy cat recipe for it and make it at home
3. once he was very tired and made himself a sandwich and took it with him to bed. 5 hours later he woke up, ate the sandwich, and spilled his cup of milk.
4. he would probably die (literally) if he had to live a week without technology
5. he claims to dislike low forms of comedy such as physical humor... but laughs his face off whenever he watches the youtube video of the afro ninja doing a back flip and landing on his face

it's been the best 5 years of my life so far. thanks Blair, you are rather awesome.


  1. Congratulations on five years! I've learned a few new things about my brother...musicals? I never would have guessed!

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  3. I love that last picture of you two. You both look like you could be in middle school (aside from Blair's chin) and is there anything more adorable than that?
    Mary......... I miss you.


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