Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ends and Beginnings

Personally i'd rather get an extra paid vacation day on Christmas eve or the day after Christmas than New Years day. I mean, we don't get a day off on the first of every month, so ok, i know my logic is flawed. anyway. New years parties are only for teenagers, single people, and drunks anyway. Not for hip moms like me. Sigh...

So i'm resolving again. That's what you do at the end of the year right? So here are mine. They are pretty reasonable i think. I like hearing about other people's resolutions too, for some reason it motivates me to know that others are working towards some goals as well. So please, post your resolutions here too!!!

  • Start having Family Home Evening (this will probably happen on Sundays instead of Mondays because of work and basketball and such, but i'm feeling a serious need for some family time without any outside distraction)
  • Work on my thoughtfulness (this mostly fits into the "charity" category, but it basically entails being a little less self-centered and take opportunities to NOTICE and REMEMBER things about other people. We're talking baby steps here. I have a long way to go on this one)
  • Give up Soda (hey I did it for 2 1/2 years in high school, I can do it again. Piece of cake.)
  • Write at least ONE PAGE of fiction a day. (this will be hard, but worth it. Mostly i'm going to try to start the much hyped "novel" that's been rattling around in my brain over the past year. But this one is a necessity. There is no point considering myself a writer if i don't write. Right?)
Ok there they are. Like i said, please post your New Year resolutions too, either here or on your own Blogs.

Also I think Astoria is left handed. Weird, but awesome. I always wished i was left handed. And that isn't one of those "when i was little" wishes. I still wish i was left handed, or at the least ambidextrous. I'd like to use both halves of my brain in a more balanced fashion i think.

Speaking of Lefties, last night Elliot had socks (as puppets) on her hands and named them Lefty and Barbara. She would put one on her hand and say "Oh no! Where's Barbara?". Yeah, you don't have to tell me, i know. My kids are basically awesome.


  1. We also have the FHE resolution. It's a regular on our yearly resolution list. That's how good we are at keeping them.
    I have decided that I will not eat anything after 9 pm. This will be difficult considering I'm still on the "It's for the baby" mindset, and every time I try to resist, I feel like I'm having drug withdrawls.
    I'm also going to be more thoughtful. Remembering birthdays and then actually acknowledging them to the person will be my first hurdle.
    And speaking of lefties, (as you just did in your post) Quinn is one. And I think it's rad.

  2. You forgot that New Years Eve is also for Partying Parents that get a babysitter and get friends to party with them so they don't fall asleep at 10:00.

    - Get the lead in a show.
    - Pay more attention to playing with my girls, not just taking care of them.
    - Make significant progress with school.
    - Do a body detox once every two months.
    - Start recycling.
    - Start meditating on a regular basis.
    - Simplify my life, inside and out.

    I'm so glad you had a fun New Years! It sounds like a great time and I would love your recipe for the chicken. Remind me to tell you about my New Years kiss...


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