Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trouble with Dreams

So, when I said I was going to do ten new posts, I should have clarified that they would end up being posted at my standard pace of once in a whenever my girls aren't fighting over the computer. Which is, like, never.

Some of the most interesting and hilarious conversations I've had in recent memory, revolved around ridiculous dreams. My friend and former co-worker at The Yoga Shop, Kenzie, was the best when it came to crazy dream conversations. On many occasions, we would stay late after Zumba laughing our faces off. For example:

  • Quite recently, I had a dream where two snakes, which were actually not snakes but Neil Patrick Harris-es in suits, were slither-chasing me through an Elementary school soccer field.
  • In college, I had a dream where I was at a party at a friends house, and went to the bathroom only to discover that I was not only naked, but also had goat legs. So, of course, I tried to cover up my naked goat legs with toilet paper, but on returning to the party, was shamefully aware that despite my makeshift toilet paper skirt, everyone could still see my goat legs.
  • As far as recurring dreams go, I'm a tooth person. I have had hundreds of dreams where my teeth are falling out, or crumbling away in my mouth. One notable instance, involved me in tap shoes at the South Towne mall in Sandy, trying to impress someone at some kind of talent audition, but I couldn't concentrate on my tap routine, because all my teeth kept falling out. 
  •  Sometimes you go to an Eddie Vedder concert, and he is publicly thanking your best friend's husband for inspiring him to write music, all while playing a guitar on his lap that is actually a surfboard.

So, my ulterior motives here should be obvious. I love hearing other people's weird dreams. Therefore, post a couple in the comments. 


  1. Mary, meet my friend Katie: http://www.katilda.com/2012/11/the-dolphin-of-my-dreams.html

  2. One time I started taking off all my clothes in the Korean subway. One time my friend was thouroughly unimpressed after trying/failing to teach me to fly like Superman. Many, MANY times I have gone on dates with B-list celebrities, and then glanced down at my wedding ring and thought, "oops, I'm married". I could go on and on.....if only I could remember them all;)


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